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Whether you’re looking to cut some extra firewood to get you through those cold winter nights from a tree that has fallen,felling a tree limb, or looking to do a redevelopment in your yard requiring the removal of trees, we have a chainsaw for you. Please note it is important to check with your local council the conditions of which trees may and may not be cut down. Making wood cutting easier, quicker and simply more satisfying, a quality chain saw will cut through the work in next to no time. Chainsaws can also be a great tool in the battle of pruning trees rather than just cutting them down completely. This is often worth considering! With blade length and thickness varying between different chainsaws, it is important to ensure you have the appropriate chainsaw for your job.

Our team of experts can help you make this decision so as to ensure you have an appropriate chainsaw for your job. When choosing a chainsaw, consider what you will need the saw for. This will allow you to choose an appropriate guide bar. The power and weight of the chainsaw can also vary, so it is important to consider the power-to-weight of each chainsaw to guarantee you are able to keep it under control while completing the job. Safety features such as chainbrakes, side chain tensioning and a chain catcher are also recommended.

Please be aware that other safety precautions must be taken when using a chainsaw including safety clothing and accessories. When making a selection online or in store, feel free to discuss your options with a staff member to assist you in your decision making.