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If your hedge is getting out of control and due for a trim, then we’ll help you sort it out. Hedges, bushes and shrubs can become quickly overgrown, well before property owners notice, they have begun to take over their footpaths and driveway. Hedge trimmers are great for taming an out of control hedge, making sure thegarden retains its sense oftranquillity as opposed to neglect, and giving it a professional finish. With a great range of hedge trimmers available, you are certain to find a product suitable for you! Hedge trimmers are available in many kinds according to structure, power source and weight. As well as your standard hedge trimmers we also stock those which can be adjusted in length, making it easy to get to those harder to reach spots.

Trimmers are divided up amongst three main types: petrol, electric and battery powered. Each type of trimmer has distinctive advantages in different situations.

Petrol hedge trimmer are for tougher jobs that involve thicker bushes with stronger stems and branches. However, they are also the heaviest type and tend to be the most expensive to run.

Electric hedge trimmersare ideal for general garden maintenance, such as trimming shrubs and some hedges.As a lightweight trimmer, they are extremely manageable to work with, but are not recommended for heavy-duty work.

Battery powered hedge trimmers are less powerful than regular electric hedge trimmers which makes them suitable only for light trimming tasks such as garden bushes and shrubs. They also require frequent charging.

With electric, battery powered and petrol powered hedge trimmers,we have many options to choose from. It’s important to keep in mind the type can provide the greatest efficiency and ease of use for their needs. Choosing the right trimmer can be difficult, so we are more than happy to assist you in making the right decision.