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High pressure cleaners (otherwise known as ‘water pressure guns’ or ‘high pressure guns’) are great for cleaning those hard to do surfaces! Our high pressure cleaners will blow you away! Strong enough for any job, high pressure cleaners are the ultimate cleaning tool. The key to their success is being able to deliver an incredibly high pressured stream of water which can either be concentrated in a specific vicinity for really hard to reach spots or spread over a wider area for large surface areas such as outdoor pavers. High pressure cleaners make easy work of what otherwise would take a lifetime to do by hand! Our range can help with cleaning of the following:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Courtyards and workshops
  • Indoor and outdoor tiles
  • Driveways and tennis courts
  • Cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers
  • Windows and glass
  • House wash-downs prior to selling or repainting

Water pressure cleaners are useful for both the home, and businesses that require cleaning large equipment or areas. When selecting your water pressure cleaner, it is important to know what you are going to use the water pressure cleaner on, and know the pressure to set the gun at when using it on different surfaces to avoid damaging the object you are attempting to clean. Speak to staff if you are unsure. If purchasing your water pressure cleaner online, feel free to call us at Oaklands Mower Centre on 8294 9799.