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So you’ve mown the lawn but now you’re looking to give it that professional finish? This is where a lawn edger is perfect! Our lawn edgers will give it the professional finish you’re after. Manicure your lawn and garden with the fantastic selection of line trimmers and lawn edgers available to buy online. These easy to use tools are lightweight, simple and very effective.

Our lawn edgers are a quick and easy way to help you define your lawn. You can have the best maintained lawn but if you have messy edges it ruins the whole look so take care of your edges with an electric or petrol powered edge trimmer. Lawn edgers help gives your lawn that clean finished, tidy look. It’s a quick and easy way to help define your lawn and garden. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, lawn edgers can stop the spread of weeds and roots, saving you the tiresome job of weeding out unwelcome guests at a later stage.

Lawn edgers have a vertical spinning metal blade, which is used to trim the edges of lawns and pathways. A lawn edger is responsible for producing those beautiful trimmed lines along the edges of the turf as opposed to a whipper snipper in which the results are often messy.

Lawn edgers can be used for the following purposes:

  • To cut and trim overgrowing lawns along pathways
  • To cut and trim overgrowing lawns around garden beds
  • To give our lawns a beautiful and professional finish

Single Wheel Edgers - With a single wheel and a very light engine, single wheel edgersare very easy to manoeuvre.

Multi Wheel Edgers - Due to their multiple wheel configuration, multi wheel edgers are very stable when edging along pathways and garden beds. Multi wheel edgers also have bigger engines and weigh more than single wheel edgers.

Professional Multi Wheel Edger- These lawn edgers are far more solid than similar domestic models, and while unlikely to be apurchase for the homeowner to justify, the contractor couldn't do his work without one.