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Everyone needs a good lawn mower to keep his or her lawn looking sharp, and here at Oaklands Mower Centre, we’ve got the lot. Our lawn mowers come in a huge range from your traditional push lawn mowers to the much bigger rideon mowers. With various sizes and engine capabilities, we have a lawn mowerto help you keeping your lawn tidy. All are fully adjustable in the blade height allowing you to decide how short you want your grass cut. Most of our lawn mowers have catchers, which catch the grass clippings that we then suggest you can use in the garden. Using grass clipping as mulch in the garden can be extremely beneficial!

Our range of lawn mowers come in a variety of engine sizes and power levels from a number of well-known and quality brands in the industry. When choosing a lawn mower from our range, you are sure to leave with a high quality mower. The way in which you use your lawn mower is very important when selecting a lawn mower, as the size, weight and abilities of mowers vary greatly. For small scale lawns that require little maintenance a push or hand mower might work out best for little fuss, or take the hard work out of mowing with a ride on mower for larger areas.

Whether buying online or in store, the staff at Oaklands Mower Centre are always available and willing to assist you in making your decision.