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From simple clean up and lawn trims to more heavy-duty jobs, trimmers and brushcutters are a great tool to have. When the use of a chainsaw is perhaps a bit much, but hand held cutters won’t suffice, line trimmers and brushcutters are your best friend. We stock both petrol and electric varieties capable of taking care of various different jobs including:

  • Trimming and cutting grass
  • Trimming and cutting scrub and weeds
  • Lawn edging and clean up

Line trimmers, (also known as whipper-snippers and lawn trimmers) are perfect for trimming undergrowth and quick yard clean-ups, including trimming vertically. Line trimmers can be either petrol powered, electric or the battery-powered model. For smaller yards, electric and battery models can be much more convenient.

This is also true for brushcutters, which are a more powerful tool, similar to a line trimmer, which uses a metal two or three arm blade and are capable of cutting through thicker weeds and overgrown areas.

Battery and electric trimmers and brushcuttersare suitable for small sized backyards, due to the use of a cord and the requirement of recharging battery powering trimmers. They are easier to start than petrol models and are also quieter to use.

Petrol line trimmers and brushcutters are more powerful than its counterparts and are also significantly louder.

When selecting your line trimmer or brushcutter, take into account their weight, balance and handles to ensure you can comfortably and easily use your line trimmer.